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Chia Chia Cheng, L.Ac.
Chia Chia Cheng, L.Ac.

Chia Chia (pronounced "Ja Ja") Cheng, L.Ac., is a licensed acupuncturist in private practice at Traditions Acupuncture in Tigard, OR. She earned her MTOM (Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine) from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 1999, participating in a four year, full-time graduate program with over 3000 hours of classroom instruction and clinical hours combined. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies and Ethnic Studies from UCSD. Her extensive background in Chinese Medicine and manual therapy assist her in providing the highest quality complementary care to her patients. Chia Chia supports her patients in achieving their health and wellness goals with consistent follow-up and ongoing communication throughout the treatment process.

Chia Chia’s initial interest in Chinese Medicine was ignited at a young age in her family of origin. During her Masters program at Pacific College, she studied with her paternal uncle, Gou Chen Cheng, OMD, from whom she received additional training for treating back pain, neck pain, and internal disorders. Dr. Cheng also instilled in her the importance of combining professionalism and expertise with unlimited compassion.

As an intern at the University of California at San Diego's Sports Medicine RIMAC Center, Chia Chia learned how to blend Chinese and Sports medicine together in a western setting, successfully treating collegiate athletes with acupuncture and manual therapy. Her subsequent work as a research assistant in two national research programs provided her with a comprehensive perspective of the American health care system, offering valuable strategies for improving practitioner-patient communication.

Chia Chia Cheng, L.Ac.


Chia Chia has attended numerous seminars for continuing education. These include a lecture series on balancing the body using abdominal reflexes with Kiiko Matsumoto, L.Ac, as well as the Energetics of Structural Balance, a lecture series by Matt Callison, L.Ac, specific to injuries of the lower and upper limbs, back, and sacrum. The treatment of orthopedic disorders using motor point therapy and manual therapy combined with the principles of Chinese Medicine distinguishes Chia Chia’s treatment styles from other practitioners. She has successfully treated many patients dealing with a wide spectrum of issues. Chia Chia has great interest in all aspects of men and women's health with a special emphasis on immune support, digestion, fitness, and mental health. She is passionate about supporting each individual in maintaining their active lifestyles for improved health, happiness, and wellbeing.

An Acupuncturist with over 14 years experience treating patients, Chia Chia brings a warm and empathetic approach to Chinese Medicine, ensuring each patient feels heard, supported, and is well-informed throughout the treatment process. Chia Chia’s unique blend of clinical and interpersonal skills adds to her accessibility as a health professional. As Shelby Taylor-Goalby reflects, "Acupuncture offers immediate feedback to me while I am still on the table. I can feel how my muscles and joints relax after Chia Chia begins the treatment. Each session increases my body awareness while helping me discover how my body reacts to stress.”

Outside of Traditions Acupuncture, Chia Chia supports her own health and vitality through Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nia Technique dance classes, strength conditioning, and spending time in nature. She approaches each day with humor and is known for her boisterous laugh. When she’s not outdoors with her husband and two children, she can be found engaging in her lifelong hobby- composing (hand-written) letters to friends and family.

She is trilingual in Spanish, Mandarin, and English.

Chia Chia Cheng, L.Ac., is a board certified licensed acupuncturist (AC00591). The Oregon BME (Board of Medical Directors) oversees the licensing of acupuncturists in the state of Oregon. You can verify her professional status by visiting OMB.