Allergies and Sinus

Many people in the Willamette Valley suffer from seasonal allergy due to tree and grass pollens. Over time this transforms into a sinus infection, a runny nose and chronic nasal congestion. The cold and wet weather makes allergy sufferers susceptible to irritation by mold and dust. What used to be a two month attack becomes year round.

The treatment for allergy relief varies. It depends on the complaint(s). A 50 year-old woman with an allergy to grass for 20 years came for acupuncture. After 10 treatments, she no longer had sinus congestion and itchy eyes. For the last 8 years she has been taking Immune + for three months prior to the onset of her symptoms. She is able to treat her allergy with herbal supplements without the need for acupuncture.

Dietary recommendations are made for patients who are seeking allergy elimination. Acupuncture with herbal supplements is a drug-free treatment alternative that is effective and long lasting.