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Back, Neck, Shoulder Pain

Back, neck, and shoulder pain caused by muscle strain/spasm respond quicker to treatment than pain from a nerve root inflammation/disc herniation/anatomical changes in the spine. The latter requires frequent office visits to provide pain relief that is long lasting. In both scenarios the goal is the same:

  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Clear previous hold patterns

Acupuncture with manual therapy is the treatment of choice for musculoskeletal conditions. Applicable exercises may be recommended.

Patients with acute pain can experience improvement after the first or second session.  Patients with chronic pain may require more sessions to have lasting relief.  Each treatment with acupuncture builds on the previous one. You can eventually have acupuncture once a month or as needed. 

  If you currently receive care from a chiropractor/physical therapist you can incorporate acupuncture in your existing treatment plan.  Your recovery will be much faster.