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Herbal (Chinese) Supplements

Herbal supplements can take you to a higher state of wellness. They can provide symptomatic relief, provide support for an underlying condition, or both. Herbal supplements complement or replace acupuncture. They are an option if you cannot maintain the recommended number of office visits.

Many herbal formulas have a written history of two or more centuries. These are called classical formulas. They have stood the test of time. Their use is well documented in Chinese medical texts and modern medical research.

Herbal supplements offered by Traditions Acupuncture are manufactured by reputable companies with the highest standards for quality and consistency. Below are a sample of products that patients have come to rely on and trust.

Empowered Reishi is a high concentration of reishi mushroom. It prevents colds and allergy symptoms. It lessens fatigue and boosts immune components in the blood to strengthen the immune system.
Free and Easy Wanderer is a classical formula with wide application. It treats mild anxiety and reduces the effects of stress. This can be taken long term.
mmune + prevents the body from developing a sensitivity to environmental allergens. It is best to start this before allergy season.
Mense Ease treats painful menstruation. It reduces menstrual pain and bloating. It replaces the need for over-the-counter drugs.
The Snake and the Dragon is a classical formula. It treats some chronic infections. This is meant to be taken on a short-term basis.
Upper Chamber is a classical formula which treats nasal congestion and sinusitis. It expels phlegm accumulation. It addresses sinus headaches.
Women's Precious is a classical formula that nourishes the qi and blood. It can enhance a woman's fertility and increase her energy.