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Manual Therapy

For neck pain, the patient brings chin to chest while the practitioner moves her hands down the patient's back.

Manual Therapy may be used following your treatment with acupuncture. In cases that are musculoskeletal in nature, Manual Therapy is included as part your office visit at no additional charge. Three types of Manual Therapy commonly used are :

  • Active release therapy (ART)
  • Cross fiber
  • Rolling

Active release is a technique in which the practitioner massages in the opposite direction of the patient's movement. This technique is effective after acupuncture:

For tightness in the IT band, the patient lowers his leg as the practitioner massages the thigh toward the hip.

  • To reset a specific muscle
  • To soften connective tissue

Active Release Therapy (ART) followed by acupuncture is more effective than ART alone. It provides the body immediate feedback on a physical level.

Cross fiber technique is done by massaging against the direction of muscle fibers. When used with acupuncture it:

  • is effective for myofascial release
  • breaks down scar tissue

Rolling is a gentle technique to invigorate an area of the body without causing discomfort to the patient. It can be done with the patient fully clothed.