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Condition Summary

Headache/migraine can occur in clusters. They are influenced by seasons/hormones or result from tension and stress. The purpose of acupuncture is to:

  • Provide pain relief
  • Break the cycle of occurrence
  • Rid the body of triggers

We can suggest lifestyle changes and self-care options to reduce the likelihood of future episodes.

Case Study

One success story involves a 31 year-old, male patient, with a history of migraine since he was 19 years old. At the time he came to Traditions Acupuncture, he had been having daily migraine headaches for a year. After three treatments with acupuncture in a 10 day period, his pain was 50% improved. On the fourth week he began acupuncture in conjunction with manual therapy, twice a week for another three weeks. By the seventh week he was 90% improved and on his way to a healthier, happier life.

Treatment Outcome

After 8 treatments with acupuncture, the patient was migraine free. The patient is on a maintenance schedule of acupuncture every 4-6 weeks.